1996 Annual Meeting

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Backwoods Orienteering Klub Annual Meeting
June 25, 1996
Submitted by Secretary, Gary Wiggins

The meeting was called to order by Joseph Huberman, President. Nominations were requested for the Board of Directors. Peter Brock, Gary Wiggins, Doug Corkhill and Joseph Huberman were nominated and seconded. Joseph Huberman entertained a motion to increase the number of board members from three to five. The motion was made and seconded. Rick Baxter was nominated for the Board. A motion was made to accept the board nominations by proclamation. The vote was unanimous.

Current Board of Directors

  • Peter Brock
  • Gary Wiggins
  • Doug Corkhill
  • Joseph Huberman
  • Rick Baxter

A discussion was held on what constituted a quorum. It was decided that a majority of the board, 3 members, constituted a quorum.

Peter Brock mentioned that he had called around and compiled a list of members who would like to help out at meets. These volunteers were informed to call a meet director if they wanted to help with a particular meet. Meet directors were also encouraged to get the list from Peter if they needed help.

The schedule was set for the 1996-97 season. Highlights included a night meet at Bond Park, a three hour Score-O and a campout at Umstead in the spring.

Gary Wiggins volunteered to work with the Department of Transportation to get base maps or aerial photographs for Falls Lake and Raven Rock.

Joan Brock volunteered to serve as Publicity Director for the coming year.

Charcoal and Red were chosen as the club colors.

The meeting was adjourned.

Board of Directors Meeting

June 25, 1996

The following were nominated, seconded and elected as officers:

  • President – Joseph Huberman
  • Secretary – Gary Wiggins
  • Treasurer – Ruth Huberman
  • Vice-President – Doug Corkhill

A discussion was held on hosting the 1999 US Championships at Raven Rock State Park. A decision was deferred until plans for mapping the park are finalized.

The meeting was adjourned

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