Umstead Regular Event Registration Form

Filed under: Uncategorized by Joseph on February 8th, 2014

Umstead Park has added a requirement to our permit that we may only have 100 people at an Umstead North event and 120 at an Umstead South event.

To make sure that we don’t go over our numbers we will have advanced registration for Umstead Regular Events.  We will try and keep the number of people posted on the event notice.  Once we hit the maximum number then entries will close.  Registration will  hold your place until 1 pm.  People who show up without registering will be allowed to start if we haven’t exceeded our maximum.  If Registration is full your entry will be held until 1PM and then if people are waiting to start they will be given your spot.

Please if you have registered and realize you can’t come go through the registration form again and check the box that you are Un-Registering.

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