Sunday, June 16th: Sprint event at Lake Crabtree

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Sprint Event at Lake Crabtree.
Everyone at level Orange and above is welcome.
Early start at 10am.   Course closes at 1pm.
You must pre-register.

The bad news:  Despite our long and persistent efforts, we have been unable to secure permission for the urban sprint event on Duke’s West campus.  The brand new map and its two heady sprint courses will have to wait until we have established an easier relationship with the university.

The good news:  We will still have a sprint event this weekend!  Join us at Lake Crabtree county park on Sunday, June 16 for two fun – and more woodsy – sprints.  (Approximate GPS coordinates for the start and registration location are:  35.839432,-78.792621).  Start any time between 10:00 AM and noon, and be sure to be in by 1:00, when we’ll start control pickup.  Note that pre-registration is required before noon on Friday (click here).  If you have trouble pre-registering, please email David Waller at with your information.

Preliminary map and course notes:  There will be two sprint courses on a 1:5000 version of our Lake Crabtree map.  Each course will likely be less than 2.5 km.  Even if you’re out of shape, seriously consider doing both courses, because for this event in particular, more than twice the fun will be had by doing both than by doing just one.  Please note that the course designer will purposely flout standard IOF rules about control proximity – controls on different courses may be disturbingly close and on similar features, so check your control codes carefully before punching.  Sprint courses should reward speed, precision, and rapid decision making.  Course designs will try to avoid thick vegetation, although leg protection is recommended.

Questions?  Contact David Waller at

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