Street orienteering in Hillsborough: Saturday, November 11

Filed under: Latest News by David Waller on November 4th, 2023

Everyone is welcome to attend our quasi-annual street-O on Saturday, November 11.  This year, for the first time, we will be in Hillsborough; and taking a page from our friends at WNCOC we’ll be headquartered at a local brewpub, Eno River Brewing.  Everyone will start from the brewery together at noon, with map handout starting as early as 11:20.  Be at the brewery (GPS = 36.068993, -79.114248) and ready to start by 11;50, when there will be a mandatory briefing.  Register here, after reading details about the event below.

Our street-O will be a ‘score course’ which means that checkpoints (controls) do not need to be visited in a predetermined order.  Nor do all controls on your map need to be visited.  The event also differs from our regular event in that there will not be flags or electronic time keepers at each control.  Instead, competitors will navigate to the center of the circle on their map where they will find an object in plain sight.  They will carry an additional clue sheet that asks a question about the object, and will answer the question on their sheet. This means that it will be important for each competitor to carry a waterproof pen or pencil to write down their answers.

All competitors will receive the same map, though you must pre-register for one of three different classes:

Competitive — two hour time limit.   Note that a strong runner/navigator may be able to visit all controls within two hours.

Recreational — three hour time limit.

Bike — two hour time limit.  Note that the course will contain many trails on which bikes are not allowed, so bike competitors will need to use a combination of foot and bike navigation.

We will be using Livelox at this event. You can find the event in the BOK Livelox event list or use this QR code The map will be available to see competitors routes at 2pm for the 2hr and Bike and at 3pm for the 3 hour. If you download the Livelox app, select the event, and start it when you start, then you will be able to see your route (as well as anyone else using the app) as soon as your class time ends (see above). If you are using another device then you route will show when you upload your GPX file to Livelox. You must open a Livelox account in order to record, upload, or view the routes & courses.

Visit as many controls as you can within the time limit of the class for which you register.  There will be a substantial point penalty for finishing after your deadline. People who register for the competitive class and take more than two hours will be automatically placed into the recreational class. 

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