Livelox Course Analysis (for BOK?)

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on October 29th, 2023

“Livelox is a web-based analysis software for orienteering. … Our mission is to provide visualization of GPS tracks and route choices from orienteering races in an easy-to use and engaging way, both during races and afterwards. With Livelox, the administrative part is automated so you can focus on analyzing the routes, both for training and competition.”

Livelox AS, a Norwegian company

Orienteering USA (OUSA) is currently evaluating Livelox with the possibility of offering a paid subscription for all orienteering events in the USA. It has similarities to Route Gadget in that it shows your route on the map, however much of the process is automated making it easier for both competitors and organizers.

The organizer uploads the map and courses directly from CONDES, our course setting software. The competitor has two options: 1) use a GPS watch; 2) carry their phone with the Livelox app running .

  • For those using their GPS watch, Livelox can be linked to Garmin, Strava, Suunto and others so that as soon as your watch syncs with the watches app it links into Livelox automating the uploading of ones route.
  • If you take your phone with you while running the Livelox app your route will be automatically uploaded via your cell connection. If there is cell coverage in the venue your route will be uploaded in real time so we can watch the competitors progress while they are running.

We are going to try Livelox out at our next few events starting on the November 5th event at Umstead. Without a subscription we can use everything but comparing runners’ times concurrently.

Livelox just offered all of USA a free subscription through the end of the year, so we can try out all the paid features. Let’s not let this offer go to waste. Let’s try this out and see how useful it is.

Before you come to the event, it would be great if you would sign up with a Livelox account and either run with your phone using the Livelox app (available from the app store), or upload your route from your watch. Even better if you link you watch app and see how the connation works.

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