Sprint (Route-O) + beginners @ Lake Crabtree 04/15/2012

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The event is approved, starts are from Noon – 2 pm and there will be a beginners class at 12:30.

This event will have two regular beginner courses (White and Yellow), and for the advanced runners,  there will be a “winter” version of the Route-O. These are the rules:

  1. You receive a map with only start and finish location printed
  2. You follow the route marked by ribbons and flour, keeping track of your location on the map
  3. When you see the control point, you take a safety pin and prick the map at the location where you think it is; (and punch with your fingerstick for splits and evidence)
  4. To avoid a penalty, your error margin should be less than 3mm (that is your hole should fit a circle of 6 mm in diameter around the true location)
  5. If your hole location is off 3mm or more, you will get a penalty of 3 minutes, added to your total time.
  6. If more than half of the locations are marked with penalties, you are DQed.
  7. If you skip a control, you are DQed, but if you punched it, but did not mark the map, you get 3 min penalty (so, it’s better to punch a control even if you don’t know it’s location)
  8. For obvious reasons, you will need to sign your map and submit it for scoring. The master map with the locations of the controls and the actual route will be revealed after everyone has finished. It will be posted with the results as well.

The directions to the park:



Important: The park trails are closed if it’s raining, so check back this website on Sunday for the status of the event, it could be canceled if the park closes the trails.

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