Shackleford Banks, 05 Feb 2022

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Registration for this event is closed

We will have a small event at Shackleford Banks, part of Cape Lookout National Seashore, on Saturday, 05 February.  We are limiting registration for this event to 25 people because of Covid and because (unless you have your own means of getting to the island) competitors will need to ride over on the same ferry.  Register here for the event. The ferry will leave from 600 Front St. in downtown Beaufort (not Harkers Island) at 10:00 AM.   When you register, please indicate whether you would like us to pre-purchase your $20 ferry ticket (note that we will need to charge you $20.75 to cover our PayPal costs).  Our group ticket purchase order will be was made on Thursday, January 27; so if you register after this date, you must purchase your own ferry ticket.  Information about the ferry service is here.   There is no drinking water, electricity, or trash containers on the island, and there is virtually no shelter from the elements.  There is a primitive bathroom near the start; however, it may be closed for the season.  Please come prepared for these conditions.

Three expert-level courses (brown ~4.2 km; green ~5.2km; red ~6.2 km) will be offered, plus a special “elite” level course.  The red and the elite courses will be the same; however the map for the elite course will have 1m contour intervals instead of 2.5m, and will not depict all vegetation.   Maps will be printed at 1:10,000 scale; however the elite map may be printed at 1:7500 to accommodate its thinner contour lines. 

We absolutely must have all equipment picked up and ready to go by 3:00, when the last ferry heads back.  Therefore, control pickup will start promptly at 1:30.  Note that there is also an 11:30 ferry from the mainland, so if you miss the ride at 10:00, you may still have a chance to come over later and do at least part of your course.  Family members who want to join but who are not competing are encouraged to come on the 11:30 ferry so as not to over-crowd the 10:00 trip. 

We will not be able to hold this event if the ferry suspends service because of weather. If weather looks like it will affect the event, we will contact registrants via email with further information.  Note that we will also have an event at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park on Sunday the 6th, so consider planning for a weekend of orienteering at some of our more far flung venues.

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