Sycamore Scramble February 20-21, 2010 National “A” event & Intercollegiate Championship

2009 Schedule

Events in bold have been approved

Regular events Start at Noon, everyone is welcome, we have a beginners class at 12:30.  (Groups over 5 must pre-register)
Advanced events Check the calendar for start times.  For expert level only.  Must be BOK member.  Must have your own Finger Stick.  Must pre-register before Noon Friday
Sprint events Check the calendar for start times.  Everyone ready to do Orange level is welcome. Must pre-register before Noon Friday
Night events Check the calendar for start times.  Everyone is welcome. Must pre-register before Noon Friday
When Type Where Who
Jan 4 Approved Advanced Umstead S Reedy Creek Amphitheater just off the main parking lot. Mihai Ibanescu & Andy Huber
Jan 25 Approved Regular Umstead S Reedy Creek large shelter at the end of the main picnic area. Vladimir & Tatyana Stemkovski
Feb 22 Approved Regular Umstead North off US 70.  Large picnic shelter near the second parking area. Ken. Hanson & Terese Camp
Feb 28 Approved Night Lake Johnson Mihai Ibanescu
March 15 Approved Regular

Schenck  *No Dogs Allowed*
not even on a leash

Ron Brown
March 29
Advanced Umstead Whispering Pines Ken. Hanson & Terese Camp
April 5
Sprint Lake Crabtree Sandro Gisler
April 12 Advanced Birkhead Artem Kazantsev
April 25
JROTC Umstead Camp Lapihio Artem Kazantsev
April 26
Regular Umstead Camp Lapihio Artem Kazantsev
May 3 Advanced Vladimir & Tatyana Stemkovski
May 17
Regular Umstead South Charles & Nadia Scharlau
June 7
Regular Umstead North Brian Thompson
June 28 Approved Sprint Lake Johnson Joseph Huberman & Ruth Bromer
July 12
Sprint 9:00am Umstead North
Must pre-register before Noon Saturday
Vladimir & Tatyana Stemkovski
Aug. 9
Advanced 9:00am (sprint format) Umstead West
Must pre-register before Noon Saturday
Josef (course design & setting) Joseph (event director)
August 22
Sprint 9:00am Bond Park Pat Downey
Sept 20
Regular Umstead South Vladimir & Tatyana Stemkovski
Sept 27 Advanced

Must Pre-register


Start times 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Josef Trzicky
Oct 11
Sprint Lake Crabtree Sandro Gisler
Oct 18
Regular Umstead South Whispering Pines Joseph Huberman & Ruth Bromer
Nov 8
Regular Raven Rock Al Geiger
Nov 15
Start time 11:00 AM
Advanced Must Pre-register Umstead South (Reedy Creek Amphitheater) Charles & Nadia Scharlau
Dec 6
Sprint Lake Crabtree Artem  Kazantsev & Holly Kuestner
Dec 13
Regular Umstead South (Reedy Creek Shelter #1) Artem Kazantsev
February 20-21
Sycamore Scramble National “A” Meet Umstead North Joseph Huberman
& Dozens of other helpers.
We need you too.
*Advanced events are only for BOK members with finger sticks who are advanced orienteers and have successfully completed a Brown, Green, Red or Blue course.  You must pre-register for Advanced events

The Carolina Orienteering Klub (COK) has events throughout the year.  Check their schedulefor additional orienteering events in North Carolina.

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