Radio Orienteering Classes at Bond Park

Filed under: Radio Orienteering by Joseph on June 7th, 2022

Youth Radio Orienteering.
This is a Town of Cary class at Bond Park, and is not hosted by BOK.
Registration is available online at, by mail, and in person at staffed Town of Cary facilities.
July 6-8, or 11-13, both 3-day classes meet 9 AM to Noon

Do you know of a young man or woman age 11-16 who likes the outdoors and electronics and is looking for a fun summer activity?

There is a unique opportunity offered by the Town of Cary this July: Radio Orienteering. It is an international sport that most folks have never heard of! Radio direction-finding (or Radio Orienteering) is the sport of locating transmitters in the park. It is an outdoor sport that combines maps and compasses with radio receivers and transmitters. Students will learn to read maps, determine directions using a compass, and operate radio receivers to hunt down transmitters. It is all about walking, thinking, and competing. All sessions will be taught by a two-time world champion in the sport. All equipment will be provided. You can view the class description in the Town of Cary Recreation Guide, and instructions for registering are on the last 3 pages of the Guide. Fee: $99 Cary Residents, $129 non-residents.

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