Posting Event Results

Follow these directions in order to post results for an event.

To log into the management console, go to and use your user name and password. If you do not have one, create an account, and ask one of the web site administrators to entitle your account, so you can create posts.

  • Look for the corresponding “Next Event” post for this event. If you have not created it, ask an administrator to entitle you to edit it.
  • Make the post title the name of the event (most likely it’s already like that).
  • Verify the post’s Permalink (format is YYYY-MM-DD-post-name), click Save if you changed it. This is important, because we may have lots of events named “Umstead South”, we want the permanent URL to the post to be eliminating the ambiguity. Having the date in the URL is handy.
  • Verify the custom fields:
    • Event Date (format is January 04, 2009)
    • Event Director
    • Event Type (Regular, Advanced, Night, Sprint, Score, etc.)
  • Set category to Event Results and Latest News (and uncheck Next Event).
  • Remove the existing contents (announcing the event).
  • Paste the HTML code from SIDResults into the HTML view (click on the HTML tab next to Visual.
  • Remove everything before <h1> (including the <h1>) and everything after </body> (including </body>). The post should start with an <hr> and end in a </pre>.
  • Switch to the Visual tab.
  • Start typing the event description text above the horizontal line. (It may be easier to start with a few words above the <hr> in the HTML tab, otherwise you may find it hard to add a new line before it).
  • You can periodically save the draft (button is in the right column) to avoid losing your changes.
  • Add an excerpt to the post. Usually the first paragraph will do. This is the only thing that will show up on the new page, so make sure it’s descriptive enough, but not too long.
  • In unusual circumstances you may have to change the publish date, if you want your results to show up in the list somewhere before or in between other results. Most of the times you will not have to do this. If you feel the urge, you can edit the publish date (the “Publish” section in the right column has an “Edit” link for editing the publish date).
  • Publish the post (the blue “Publish” button in the right column).

The Visual Editor has its set of facilities, some are more useful than others, and you may find oddities. For the most part, you won’t have to do any HTML editing, but you can always go there by switching to the HTML tab. You can freely switch between the two edit modes.

You can add images very easily by using the “Add an Image” link in the visual editor, close to “Upload/Insert”. This will let you choose an existing image or upload a new one.

After you have saved your post, and confirmed that is shows up on the home page under “Latest News”, and not under “Next Events”, one final thing that will help maintain the site is to remove the previous results from the “Latest News” list.  To do that, navigate to the results post from the previous event in the “Latest News” section, click on its title to open the whole article, and then go to the end of the article to click “edit”.  Finally, in the right column under “Categories”, uncheck the box “Latest News” and update the post.

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