Permits Granted for Next 3 Events

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on December 19th, 2008

We have our permits for the next three Umstead events.

January 4, 2009 Umstead South Amphitheater
January 25, 2009 Umstead South Large Picnic Shelter
February 22, 2009 Umstead North Large Picnic Shelter

The park policies have changed quite a bit.  We now need to rent a facility that is capable of holding over 100 people for our Regular events.  That boils down to the large picnic shelters at either the north or south side of the park and the Whispering Pines and Lapihio Camps .

We can still use other areas in the park for our advanced events with a limit of about 25 competitors.

The other change is that we can’t reserve facilities for March and beyond until January 2, so that means, if we want a particular location and date we need to be at the park before 7am and in line on January 2.  Life gets more complex as the population density increases.

Renting these facilities greatly increases the cost of an event, but we won’t make any changes to our event or membership fees this year  We will have to reaccess our fees at our meeting in September, and there is a good chance we will have to increase our fees for 2010.

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