Orienteering to Stave off Dementia

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on April 4th, 2023

NBC reported on a study showing that Orienteering, by exercising the spatial portion of the brain, slowed the development of dementia. This NBC feature on YouTube was highlighted in the in the Orienteering USA March Newsletter. Orienteering USA, (OUSA) is the national organization that governs the sport of Orienteering in the United States, and is a member of the International Orienteering Federation, where the international events are organized. The newsletter is published monthly.

OUSA sanctions the National Ranking Events (NRE). The US Championship event was held in Kentucky’s Carter Caves State Park. This is where Adalia won the F16 category in both the Middle and Long, Matt took 3rd on the Long, and Ruth (F70) took 3rd in the sprint putting BOK on the medal stand for all three events.

Adalia winning the US Long Championship at the Flying Pig NRE

Ruth coming in 4th in the Middle Distance in the 2023 US Championship NRE

Matt coming in 3rd on the Long at the Flying Pig 2023 US Champs

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