October 27-28 Events in Birkhead Wilderness

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(Registration Required Inside this Post)

We have 3 events on the weekend of October 27-28, 2018 in the Birkhead Wilderness just south of Asheboro.

On Saturday there are two Members Advanced events starting at 1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro.

  • The afternoon event runs from from noon to 3pm.  We will have Brown, Green, Red, and Blue courses.  The event closes at 3pm.
  • Then a Night-O event starts at 7pm and closes at 8:30.

Between the two events we will have a pizza dinner at 5pm.  (Feel free to bring a salad or dessert to share.)

On Sunday we will have an Open event at the Robbins Branch Trailhead (35.5875551,-79.9546176) where everyone is welcome. We will have a full set of courses from beginner through expert.

Please register for all of the courses that you are planning to attend this weekend both for the members events and the open event.

There are more details after this registration form…

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Saturday members Noon – 3pm event:

Blue     8.5k  19 controls   246m climb
Red      6.7k   17 controls   215m climb
Green  5.5k   16 controls   203m climb
Brown 3.8k   10 controls   130m climb

Saturday members 7 -9pm Night Event

The night event is what I will call a structured score event.

  • There are 20 controls.
  • Each control has a point value
  • You can skip as many controls as you want.
  • The controls must be taken in order.
  • There is a time limit of 66 minutes and a total length of 6.6k
  • Results are calculated first on points collected, then on time.
  •   The overtime penalty is:
    1    point/min for the first   5 minutes
    5   points/min for the next 5 minutes
    10 points/min thereafter
    (Subject to change)

Extra Orienteering Opportunities

(I hope I can get some volunteers for these opportunities because we need the controls for the open event on Sunday.)

  • At 3pm I have a 5.9k course to pick up 11 controls.
  • At 8:30pm, after the night event, there are two courses, a 2.9k and a 3.4k.  (or one 4.8k course) These could be picked up at night or very early the next morning so they will be ready for Josef to set them at Robbins Branch for the open event on Sunday.

Sunday’s Open event – Beginner through Expert.  Everyone welcome.

Josef is designing these courses so I will have more detail when he sends them to me.

Staying overnight at Gray Owl (or just taking a shower).

Members are welcome to spend the night at Gray Owl.  We have two bedrooms, lots of floor space, a deck, a forest, and last but not least a caboose.  Bring your own bedding or camping equipment.  You are welcome here.  Bring your towel and take a shower even if you aren’t staying overnight.


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