New Year’s Day Relay (Jan 1, 2024)

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on December 20th, 2023

The traditional Backwoods Orienteering Klub New Year’s Day event is coming up. This team relay will be in a rarely used location (see below for location information). Courses are expert level, but confident orange-level orienteers may also participate. The race starts at 11am and everyone starts at the same time.

Relay teams consist of two people, each of whom runs two legs of the four leg race. One teammate has two legs of length 2.3k. The other teammate runs two 1.6k legs. For the relay teams, you do not need to decide on a teammate beforehand, though you may. Everyone should arrive early enough to find a teammate before the pre-race briefing at 10:50am.

Registration deadline is December 30th at 10am.

We now have easier access to eastern Umstead Park since the city of Raleigh built their Ebenezer Church Road lot for the Crabtree Creek Greenway. There are only 50 spaces in the lot, so if you can carpool, please do. When you leave the parking lot for the start, walk into Umstead and head south along the multi-use trail. You’ll see the BOK signs and people gathered for the start. We will use Livelox so you can see your routes on the map after the event along with everyone else on the course. Get your GPS watch ready, or better, yet, use the LiveLox app on your phone to record your route.

2 Responses to “New Year’s Day Relay (Jan 1, 2024)”

  1. Hi, Could you, please add one more team for the January 1st Relay?

  2. I have been suffering a multi–day stomach bug and spent 4 hours in the ER this morning. I do not think it would be wise for me to attempt to try to orienteer in the morning. I hate to miss this annual premier event (Last year I lost my mind and scheduled elective surgery for 12/29.22). I was looking forward to using this new venue. Ya’ll have fun.