June 3 Sprints in Bond Park

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On Sunday, June 3 we will hold an open sprint event at Bond Park, starting at the Buehler shelter (near the boathouse).  This event is open to anyone ready to run an orange course, but due to the nature of the park should be easier than other orange courses in the area.  We will also offer a beginner course for those who are new to orienteering.  The 4 available courses will be:

  • Beginner Sprint (white): 1.6km
  • Sprint A: 2.5km / 2.0km
  • Sprint B: 2.7km / 2.0km
  • The Whole Enchilada (5.2km) – Intended as a stand-alone course

Update 5/27: By request, Sprint courses A and B will each have a “shortcut” option, so you can opt to run a 2.0km “brown” sprint course, instead.

You can choose any combination of the first 3 courses, or choose to tackle the “Whole Enchilada,” which will incorporate all of the controls from Sprints A and B  but follow a different route, and visit most areas of the map.

The start will be open from 10AM until noon and everyone is expected to finish by 1 PM when control pickup will begin.  We will have a beginners’ class at 10:30.

Please REGISTER BELOW so I will have an idea of how many maps to print.  This is just for rough numbers – if you miss registration, we will still accommodate you at the event.  For anyone bringing  a group of 5 or more people please pre-register here.

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