June 20-21 ARDF & Advanced Orienteering at Gray Owl

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ARDF June 20, 10am – 2pm:

We are planning an 80m Classic ARDF course on June 20 in the Birkhead Wilderness from a new start location at Wildlife Resources Commission Trailhead at 35.5974915,-79.8868486.  Pre-registration is required.

The precise Start location is about a 1.5 km walk from the trailhead. There will be five foxes, and a total course effective length along the optimum route of 6.5 km or less. The Finish will be at or near the trailhead parking area.

For a youth course we will have a short course using Sprint transmitters. The remote Start and the Finish for a youth course will be at the same locations as the adult course.

Orienteering June 21, 9am – 4pm

We will hold Advanced Orienteering Course starting from 1725 Gray Owl Road on June 21. This will have Orange through Blue courses including a complex section in the Rock Garden and a part of the course in the Gray Owl section we haven’t used before.

The start will be ~1k from the parking area, and the finish for the Brown, Green and Red course will be about ~1.3k from the parking area. The Blue and Orange courses finish at the parking area.

  • Orange ~3.5k
  • Brown ~4.0
  • Green ~5.8
  • Red ~7.6
  • Blue ~10.0

Registration is required, and is limited to 10 people per hour so you will need to choose your arrival time.


After you turn onto Gray Owl Road 35.6349715,-79.8754197 (there is an orienteering control attached to the mailbox on Hopewell Friends Road) drive .4k and turn left at the first driveway just after passing the field on the right.

Drive another .4k all the way into the turn-around area, turn around and park on the RIGHT side of the driveway as you are heading back out.  Do not drive on the grass at all, and do not park in the turn-around area.

Covid Protections & Procedures

Unfortunately infections are increasing so we are asking everyone to wear a face mask when in the registration / download area and hanging out on the lawn.  This is in addition to a 3m separation between people, the remote start & finish and 10 entries per hour.

  • Wear your mask when you reach the lawn.
  • Pick up your map
  • Clear your finger stick
  • Download the cleared stick to “register” at the event
  • Head out to the start.  (You can remove your mask when you leave the lawn by the house.)
  • After finishing put your mask back on as you approach the lawn and download area.
  • Download and get your splits printout
  • Results will be available on a local wifi network

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