June 1 Event at Umstead South – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

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You may have noticed that no one has stepped forward to be the Event Director for the June 1 event at Umstead South.  We are putting together a group of people to run this event.  The time and place have been approved by the park, and here is how the jobs are distributed so far.

Job Workers
Course Design & Park Approval  Joseph & Ruth
Ribbon Hanging  Ian & Mihai
Saturday control hanging of remote controls  Kelly & Patrick Sears
Sunday morning hanging of close controls  Vladimir and Tanya
Registration  Vladimir and Tanya
Control pick-up
Results posting

Please volunteer for one of the open jobs so those who have already volunteered don’t have to do multiple jobs.  We want different people to run the Registration and Finish so that everyone gets a chance to run in the event.

To volunteer to help just post a comment at the end of this article.

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