July 12 Advanced Sprint & BOK Clothing Delivery at Dorothea Dix Park

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On Sunday, July 12 we will hold an advanced sprint event at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, starting near the intersection of Hunt Drive and Umstead Drive. Registration is required and you will need to select the hour during which you wish to arrive. There will be no beginner class or equipment rental. Social distancing is required.

We will have two longer courses or approx 3kn and two shorter courses of approx 2km. Details are:

Long A 2.8Km 16 controls
Short A 2.0Km 12 controls
Long B 3.0Km 13 controls
Short B 1.9Km 9 controls

Short courses are a subset of the corresponding long course. You may do one A and one B course. It will be hot and the course lengths are straight line. Actual course lengths are almost certainly longer unless you can fly over buildings.

We recommend that you park in the lot S of the registration an download gazebo. When you finish near the parking area, please rest until you get back to something like a resting heart rate and pick up your mask if you left it in your car. Please DO NOT come panting into the download area.

Your meet directors REQUIRE masks around the registration/download gazebo. With many participants likely to do both A and B courses, Please minimize your time in the gazebo area. Note general BOK Covid-19 precautions below.

The start is about 25m away and the finish is about 75m away.

BOK Clothing is Here…
Distribution at this event (Bring your checks)

The BOK Clothing has finally arrived. There are some issues with the sizing, so you may need to change your size selection. This will be done on a first come first serve basis. Hopefully these changes will all work out, however Oland will make additional products so that everyone can get a proper fit.

Covid Precautions

  • Only 10 entries may arrive and start per hour
    • Choose the correct registration hour for your preferred arrival.
  • We expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 2m distance from others.
  • Everyone must wear a mask except when running on the course
  • We will not have beginner classes or courses
  • We will have remote Start and Finish
  • All registrations will be online
  • Results display will only be over WiFi

Ian and Paul

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