GPS Use at the Sycamore Scramble

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It is specifically prohibited for you to use a GPS for any navigational assistance at all!

But the rules don’t specifically prohibit you from carrying one if you don’t use it during the event.

USOF Rules Regarding Aids to Navigation:

  • 36.             Equipment and aids
  • 36.3     During the competition only a compass and the map provided by the organizer may be used for navigation.
  • 36.3     Personal aids not used directly for navigation are permitted. (e.g. magnifying glass, flashlight, cane, eyeglasses)
  • 36.4     The use of any navigation aid other than a compass is prohibited. (e.g. transport, electronic apparatus, radio, pedometer, altimeter)

On a practical level at the Sycamore Scramble if you wish to carry a GPS unit that has a display that shows any navigational information*, and doesn’t talk, and you don’t want to take the chance of being disqualified if someone protests you (particularly if you win):

  • At the Start, you should present it to the Start Official who will tape and seal your display.
  • At the Finish you must present it to the Finish Official who will confirm and record that the seal is intact before you exit the finish chute .
  • Then you may remove the tape.

We will use 3M blue painters tape, and you should confirm that this tape is safe for your display.  BOK will not be responsible for damage to your GPS unit from these procedures.

*Navigational information includes, but is not limited to: location, speed, distance, altitude, direction traveled, range or bearing to a point

Joseph Huberman
Sycamore Scramble Event Director

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