Club Clothes – Fitting Kit

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on November 29th, 2019

We found a company in the US that can make our shits in different fabrics and long and short sleeves as well as jackets and pants.
The great thing about this company is that when the club submits a design the purchaser can choose any style of clothing to have the club design on. Their pricing is competitive and less than the Noname brand. Short sleeve shirts ~$32-$42 and long sleeves $10 more.

We received a “fitting kit” that has many of their styles in sizes from small to xl and fabrics for us to examine.
We will bring this kit to the Raven Rock event for you to examine. (We will get a fit kit with all their sizes after we have a design and it is time to purchase stuff.)

If you aren’t coming to the Raven Rock event we will also have it at our Dec 8 ARDF & Orienteering event.
If you can’t make it to either you can contact Ruth and can make an appointment to come to our house to see the stuff.

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  1. >make our shits

    I suppose you meant shirts.
    What’s the name of the company, btw? I read it is not Noname, so it has a name:) Do they have a website?