Carolina North Score-O: Sunday March 6

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Join us for a 1hr or 2hr Score-O on March 6 at Carolina North. This is an advanced level meet and is open to any orienteer who has successfully completed an advanced course (i.e., orange, brown, green, red, or blue). Start window is 10am – 12pm at Seawell Elementary (35.940130, -79.078902). Register Here before 12pm Friday.

This score-o features “progressive” scoring for some controls. Controls labeled with “P” (P71, P72, P73, etc*) are worth increasing point values…the first “P” control punched is worth 1pt, the second worth 2, the third worth 3, etc. The “P” controls can be obtained in any order and non-consecutively (you can punch regular controls in between “P” controls). There are eight “P” progressive controls for a possible total of 36pts (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8) along with 18 other controls worth 2, 3 and 4pts (six of each). 

Anyone who finishes in under 60 minutes will be scored in the 1hr category; everyone else will be scored in the 2hr category.  Penalty for going over 2 hours is 5pt the first minute and 1pt each minute thereafter.

*The map will show these as worth 1 point each, but we will adjust scores after results are in

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