BOK Annual Meeting Tues. Oct. 25

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We will have our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. The informal pizza dinner will start at 6pm and the official meeting at 7pm. This meeting will be both remote and in person.

In Person: 904 Dorothea Drive, Raleigh, NC (Joseph & Ruth’s house). We will have open windows and the attic fan on for excellent ventilation.

Remote: If you can’t attend in person then you will get a link to join the morning of the meeting via Google Meet. Access will begin at 6pm so you can join in the pre meeting socializing, however you will only get pizza if you attend in person.

Pre-registration is required on our website

The preliminary agenda is posted below. Please email if you want to add an agenda item. This agenda will be updated as requests come in.


  • Financial Report
    • Venmo is the preferred transfer method.
  • Election of officers (expiration year)
    • Lina 2023
    • Ian 2024
    • Dave 2024
    • Joseph 2022 (president)
    • Mihai 2022
  • Changed OUSA fee structure and how BOK should adapt.
    • Start fee increased from $1.50 to $2 and no more member fee beginning for 2024 renewal (2023 event starts).
  • Report on the BOK Store
    • $350/year for the Business Plan. (This allows us to track inventory of product variations. i.e. fixed number of arrivals in a given time period.)
    • We should review OUSA EventReg as an option.
      • It has some useful reporting features.
      • It supports templates for use by similar events
      • Ancient user interface
      • Lots of custom items that with some ingenuity can be used for different things
      • Free for local events
      • Supports PayPal
  • Report on Radio-O
    • Purchased six 2m receivers
    • Joseph has a complete set of event equipment modified for various Radio-O formats
      • 20 si boxes, printer, si-master, tablet, USB download (Owned by Joseph)
      • 22 retired BOK flags
      • 2 start, 2 finish, 2 clear si-boxes owned by BOK
    • 130 Radio Starts
    • 6 days of Beginner classes
    • Eno R-O cancellation – Patrick
  • Report on 2022 events & attendance
    • Total Starts for 2022 = 843
      • Beginners = 171
      • Radio-O = 130
      • Locations = 29
    • Event directors should add the “start” count to the bottom of the results article
      • “Starts” are defined as unique paid entries. So if your entry allows you to run 2 sprint courses in the same event it counts as one start. Two people running together counts on only one start.
    • The “event report form” is inconvenient and was only used a couple of times, so it is being discontinued. Reimbursements should be requested directly to Ruth. Venmo is the preferred transfer method.
    • Permanent & virtual courses updates
    • Should we do anything to try and get more youth participation, possibly even in national events?
  • SafeSport
    • Joseph & Ian are currently SafeSport certified. OUSA requires at least one person from each club to be certified, as well as anyone who coaches youths.
  • Mapping projects
    • New & refreshed maps in 2022
      • White Pines Nature Preserve
      • Anderson Park, Carboro
      • Dix/Pullen update
      • Bond Park
      • Woods Charter school
    • Planned maps for 2023
      • Hurricane Island
      • Gray Owl South
  • Covid policy update proposal
    • Coupon for registered people who call in sick
    • Event director can require:
      • masks &/or vaccinations
      • remote start/finish
      • scheduled arrival times
    • Covid requirements must be posted in the announcement, calendar, and registration.
  • 2023 Schedule (Send an email to “info” if you want to reserve a date for your event.)
    • We will review the schedule spreadsheet.

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