ARDF Afternoon Practice

Filed under: Latest News,Radio Orienteering by Joseph on May 22nd, 2019

We had another ARDF 2m practice last Monday afternoon. Ruth, Joseph, and Imre participated. Imre and Joseph each set out a transmitter at 4:30 and Ruth joined us at 5:00. We then found the “other” transmitter and communicated by phone to make sure everyone found the transmitter they were hunting. Then we moved the transmitters so everyone could run another round. If we get more people we can set more transmitters. It worked quite well and we all had fun.

A couple of transmitter locations were easy to find – pick up the signal and follow it to the fox. (“Fox” is another ARDF term for transmitter.) Two of the locations proved quite challenging. Lots of reflections causing confusion when getting close to the fox.

We will be doing more of these practices. Send a message if you want to participate in our afternoon practices.

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