Anderson Park Sprint, July 10

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Registration for this event is closed.

Join us on Sunday, July 10 for a small event on a new map of Anderson park in Carrboro.  Starts will be between 10:00 AM and noon, with control pickup starting promptly at 1:00.  Map handout and starts will be at the park’s small shelter (GPS =35.924136, -79.106044 ), with restroom facilities and ample parking nearby.  Please read below for details about this event, which will have a very different feel from most of our others.  After reading about the event, register for it here.

Venue:  Anderson park is a 55 acre municipal park owned by the Town of Carrboro.  The southern half of the park is mostly open woods, and includes an 18-hole Frisbee golf course, a paved trail around a pond, and a fenced dog park.  The latter will be out of bounds for our event.  The northern half of the park consists of open baseball and soccer fields.  There are significant patches of poison ivy, especially in the north, where the forest meets the open land.

Courses:  Two short “sprint” courses will be offered, as well as a third course that combines the two.  Sprint A will be approximately 1.8 km and Sprint B will be approximately 2.0 km.  Competitors may also run a longer course, doing both sprint courses (in a random order) back to back, without a break in between and with a map exchange between courses.  All courses will be “runners’ courses”, as they will be relatively easy navigationally — approximately at an intermediate or “yellow” level.  Sprint B will be slightly more difficult, in part because a handful of the control stations may not have flags, but will rather simply have an SI box and perhaps a bit of streamer tape.  Because the park is small and the courses are less challenging navigationally, people with little orienteering experience are welcome to register.  We will not offer a beginner’s class, though; so pure beginners may want to wait for another event or else watch and learn from our beginner videos — the top links on this page.

Map:  The map will be brand new.  Scale is 1:4000, with a 2.5m contour interval.  Unlike almost all of the club’s other maps, it is a ‘sprint’ map and as such uses a slightly different symbol set than typical forest orienteering maps.  This link leads to a .pdf document that summarizes the symbol set for sprint orienteering maps. 

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