Triple Members Event at Gray Owl Feb. 7, 2016

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What makes this a Triple Event:

  1. Advanced Training Workshop – 10am  (for people moving up to or wanting to improve in Orange)
  2. Members Classic Event at Advanced and Expert Difficulty – Noon
  3. Pizza Lunch – 2pm (we supply the pizza you bring a side: drinks, dessert, salad, etc.)

On February 7, 2016 at noon the Members Classic Advanced – Expert event will start.  We will have all the courses from Orange through Blue.  We will meet at Gray Owl (1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro, NC).

Near the end of the event we will have a Pizza Lunch.  You don’t need to bring anything, we will supply the Pizzas, but a side is welcome if you would like to bring something.

Just prior to the event, at 10am we will have an Advanced Difficulty Training Workshop.  We should finish around Noon so there will be time to run the Orange course at the Birkhead event that starts at Noon and then finish at the Pizza Lunch.  The workshop is open to all BOK Members, and there is no charge.

We will start out with a class pointing out some Advanced strategies to help people on the Orange course or those who are moving up to Orange from Yellow.  This will include techniques like Catch Features, Aiming Off, Attack Points, and Map Handling.  After the class we will go into the forest and practice following our course on a map while running, relocating, and map memory.

You should register for the workshop separately from the event, so be sure to register for both if you are coming.  The orange course will be designed so you can practice the skills learned in the workshop.

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