Advanced event at Eno River State Park (8 Nov)

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On Sunday, November 8, we will hold our first meet ever at Eno River State Park.  This is an advanced event, open to any BOK member who has previously completed an “expert” (brown, green, red, or blue) course.  You must preregister for this event here, before 5:00 PM Friday November 6, so that we know how many maps to print.  Registration, start, and finish will all be near the southern parking lot of the Few’s Ford area of the park (GPS coordinates: 36.07381, -79.00605; Map here.  Overflow parking at 36.07791, -79.00717)  Starts can be accommodated between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, with control pickup starting around 2:00 PM.  Please read below for very important information about this event.

The production of the Eno River orienteering map is in its very early stages.  The map is currently based almost entirely on contour lines generated from NCDOT lidar and aerial imagery.  Very little on-the-ground field-checking has yet been incorporated into the map.  The coursesetter has added various features such as cairns and stone walls to the map, but not in a systematic fashion – only when he has happened to see them in his wanderings.   Even these features may not be mapped too perfectly; and undoubtedly, many others have gone unmapped.

Eno River SP: Preliminary map snippet

Eno River SP: Preliminary map snippet

Similarly, the vegetation mapping is spotty and tentative, and not to be entirely trusted.  (Thankfully, most of the woods is open and runnable.)  Foot trails, roads, and power lines have been fairly accurately mapped.  Right is a representative map snippet.  Note that the contour lines have not yet been appropriately smoothed, and there is random jaggedness and “lidar poop” that is not to be trusted.

The map will be printed at 1:10,000 scale on an 8.5 x 11” page.  The meridian lines, the page edges, and all lettering will be aligned with magnetic north.  Note that the map’s contour interval will be 5m, unlike the 3m interval that we may be more accustomed to in the piedmont.  This is because the terrain at Eno River is generally steeper than at BOK’s other venues.  The anticipated approximate climb for each course is listed below:

Course Controls Length (km) Climb (m)
Brown 9 3.5 115
Green 12 5.3 145
Red 13 6.9 230


Finally, a friendly reminder that when the tag lines of a mapped cliff touch the water, the water edge is deemed unpassable by the mapper.  Note in the image below that one could probably squeeze around the northern cliff along the shore, but not around the southern cliff.

Pass around the northern cliff along the shore -- not the southern.

Pass around the northern cliff along the shore — not the southern.

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