Annual Meeting – 2014-10-29

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Ruth Bromer
Ron Brown
Cameron Champion
Kevin Collier
Ken. Hanson
Joseph Huberman
Mihai Ibanescu
Artem Kazantsev
Kelly Sears
Patrick Sears
Brandon Shields
Ian Shields
Vladimir Stemkovski

ARDF Fox “O” combined with events

Joseph proposes to make transmitters as “enhanced” Fox-O controls for the director to place in the woods. The ARDF map would only have the rough location for the control, and runners would navigate by map to the approximate location, then use the radio.

Another suggestion: set up as usual, but place the transmitter about 50m away from a control using a different SI box with a different number.

Transmitter design: we may want a switch and a way to check if the transmitter is on.

Fox O are generally Score-O.

We have 10 extra SI boxes, once we prove the design works and people are using it we may have to order more.


About $34,700 in the savings, about $3,500 in checking.

Dealing with 100 max at Umstead events

May be 120 for the shelters in Umstead North.
This includes workers and people who are not competing.
To ask the park: can we rent an additional shelter and increase the capacity for September, October and March?
The Equestrian area has not been used recently; maybe we can use it for advanced events.
Advanced registration with a cut-off would be another possibility.
Members: pay if they don’t show up.
Check if there are business on Ebenezer Church Rd that are closed on Sunday, where we could park.
Check with the church if we can use them on Saturday.
Farmer on Trenton may be approachable.
Artem to talk to the farmer.
Joseph to talk to Umstead about the possibility of renting two shelters.
Ron to try to talk to the church.

New control bags and other equipment needs

Maybe get more controls with plastic frame – 10 initially
New SI boxes needed? Not yet
New signs? Joseph to make them
Check battery level and firmware
Check for use with SI-10 sticks

Election of Officers

Vladimir has been reelected, until 2017
Current officers:
Vladimir 2017
Ian 2015
Ken. 2015
Joseph 2016
Mihai 2016


Eno River is not big enough for an A meet.
Birkhead is a practical possibility.
Raven Rock: about 50 minutes.
Morrow Mountain: too far.
Camp Durant / Camp Reeves – maybe for a sprint?
Check with Umstead for the possibility, November 7-8 or 14-15 2015 or February 2016
Birkhead: November 2015
Find out from Umstead what the limits are, with or without shuttling.
If there is a limit, regular A-Meet; if there is no limit, championship.
Or switch to Birkhead.


Camp Durant.
Continue the Birkhead map, to connect the area that we have.
Refresh of Umstead map.
Refreshing Schenck Forest: depending on the need.
Mapping of Eno River will start ASAP.
Get account with O-USA to download pictometry. Dave will do it. Also investigate LIDAR.
Crabtree and Lake Johnson: deferred.
Falls Lake needs to be updated.
If A-Meet is in Umstead, that is the priority before Birkhead. Otherwise, Birkhead becomes a priority.
Cameron suggested getting high schools mapped and students interested. To be determined if we can get permission to map high schools. David Conner may be able to help with NCSU.

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