2m Practice Sat 3/26/22 Umstead West

Filed under: Radio Orienteering by Joseph on March 21st, 2022

We will have a 2m ARDF practice at Umstead West starting promptly at 10am. After a quick lesson on how to set up a transmitter, five people will each get a region on the map in which to set a 2m transmitter.

The plan is to set the controls on hillsides and near creeks so that the problems will be as difficult as possible. The goal is to practice short distance location and to learn how the terrain affects the signal.

Be sure to bring a compass, map board & wax pencil because you will need to get a bearing on one particular fox almost every time it comes on. You will mark the direction of all the significant signals in red, except, mark the one you think is correct in black. Then, after we finish, we can see the bearings of the signals people heard from various locations and which ones were accurate. Then we can try to make sense of it.

Register here if you are interested.

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