2022 Annual BOK Meeting Minutes

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Financial Report

Net increase in cash on hand $3320
Major expense & equipment items

  • Equipment purchased ~$3000
  • OUSA $1734
  • Park Fees $808
  • Map Printing $614
  • Miscl ~$300
  • Sales tax $402

Net from major events

  • Radio Champs $1900
  • JROTC $1582

Gross from event fees

  • Annual Pass $2610
  • Meet Fees $4103

We decided not to increase any fees for 2023

Zelle is the preferred reimbursement method for event directors’ expenses.  Checks can be sent if necessary.

We budgeted to update the Umstead map, but Vladimir Lyuk can’t come to the USA to finish, so we have ample savings to hire another mapper.

If club members want to try their hand at mapping, Dave can make excellent base maps Open Orienteering Mapper  (only available on Android) is fantastic for mapping.  Our tablets can be used if it isn’t raining.

We are on good financial footing, so we should focus on promoting the sport, and not worry that an event may not pay for itself.

Election of Board Members

Mihai Ibanescu and Joseph Huberman: terms are expiring this year (2022).
Adalia is nominated by Ruth. Dave seconds. Unanimous approval.
Vladimir motions for Joseph to be re-elected to the board as president. Ian seconds. Unanimous approval.

Lina 2023
Ian 2024
Dave 2024
Joseph 2025 (president)
Adalia 2025

Volunteers not on Info@ will be added.

New OUSA fee structure and how BOK should adapt

The OUSA Annual General Meeting approved the event fee structure originally championed by BOK years ago, and re-introduced by Badger O Club for a vote at the AGM.

The change takes effect at the end of next year rechartering.  At the beginning of 2023 start fees will be $2 per entry instead of $1.50, and there will be no fees for club members. (previously $3.50)

Joseph proposes we keep our annual pass and membership policies. 

To be a member of BOK you must be a significant volunteer.  As a member, you are on info@BackwoodsOK.org and can answer questions that are sent in from the public  When responding to questions you should, Cc: info@ so that others can see the responses and chime in with additional information, and everyone can see the thread.

Joseph proposed that in addition to volunteering one can join OUSA in order to become members of BOK with an option to be on info@.  Passed with no objections.

We typically sell about 70-80 annual passes.

BOK Store

We pay $350/year for the Ecwid business plan.  This gives us the ability to have variations on items Which we use for limited entry in time slots.

We could use OUSA EventReg for free, but it is currently difficult to customize for our needs at this time.  Reports from EventReg are easier to download and participants can see who else is registered.

Dave asked if items could be arranged in a more useful order on the main Ecwid store page? (Yes it is done in the “categories” section.)

Radio Orienteering & New Controls

The ARDF committee decided that ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) will be referred to in the USA as Radio Orienteering and/or Radio-O.

BOK purchased six 2m receivers for rental to compliment our eight 80m receivers.

Joseph personally purchased a set of equipment for Radio-O because Radio-O flags and boxes frequently need to be configured differently.  This way Radio-O events, which sometimes conflict with BOK, wouldn’t need to use the usual BOK equipment.   The set includes 20 SI-boxes, printer, download and master boxes, tablet owned by Joseph and also includes 2 start, 2 finish, boxes with flags owned by BOK.

We unanimously decided to increase our controls from 40 to 60 and to purchase all new flags. So we will order 20 more SI boxes and 60 flags.  A box is about $100, a flag about $5.

SI is phasing out the Station 8, we may have to go to Station 9 which doesn’t have a hole for the stick.  This will require a different technique for hanging. We will try to purchase SI-8s so our equipment is consistent, if possible.

The beginner Radio-O classes were very successful.

Nadia asks if we can order more receivers. Chinese receivers are fine for beginners, but the cheap receivers don’t work at a distance.

Joseph will investigate the possibility of getting some quality ones.

Permanent and Virtual Courses

Imre worked on the permanent course at Bond Park. He will send the proposed courses to info@ for comments.  The permanent controls will have a QR code and Orange/White symbol on a post that one can scan. The decaying punches will be removed.

Imre will also create a virtual course using the iOrienteering app. The Town of Cary will cover the cost of the new equipment. Mihai will check with the scoutmaster at troop 216 from St. Michaels if they can provide the labor for setting the 4×4 posts.

There is a permanent course at Ft. Macon.

Vladimir will contact Sugg Farm about installing a permanent course there.


Online classes educate participants about recognizing and preventing sexual abuse and maintaining a healthy environment. OUSA requires that at least one member of the klub is SafeSport certified. Anyone who is working with youth should be certified. If you are an OUSA member OUSA will pay for the certification.

Carl completed his coaching and SafeSport course.  Joseph and Ian are also certified.

Mapping Projects in 2022-2023


  • White Pines map
  • Anderson Park
  • Updated Dix and integrated the Pullen Park map
  • New Bond Park map
  • Woods Charter School (for a school event)


  • Urban event in Hillsborough (maybe next year)
  • Southern end of Birkhead
  • Hurricane Island in the Gulf of Maine

Joseph & Ruth will map  and design some simple courses on Hurricane Island that they visit every year. They have middle school programs and graduate oceanography research programs on Hurricane Island.  It is about the size of Bond Park. BOK will donate 12 of our old flags and punches as well as teach the counselors how to run an event.

COVID proposed update

The choice of covid mitigations is up to the event director and should be posted in the event information and on the Ecwid registration

To prevent spreading infections, if someone calls in sick before the event (COVID or regular flu), they will get a coupon for another event.  This policy should be shown in the Ecwid registration information for every event.

2023 Proposed Event Schedule

Directors are asked to total up the number of unique starts.  Ian will send an email to info@ to explain how to get the information with SI-Droid.

DateLocationFormatMeet typeDirector
1Umstead WestRelayAdvancedImre
8Eno RiverClassicOpenDave
21Gray OwlClassic / Radio-OOpenJoseph, Ruth & Charles
22Gray OwlClassic / Radio-OOpenJoseph, Ruth & Charles
5Horton GroveClassicAdvancedLina
12Eno RiverRadio-OOpenJoseph & Charles
19Umstead SouthClassicOpenMatt & Adalia
26Schenk ForestScore-OOpenVladimir & Tatyana
5DixRadio-O SprintOpenJoseph & Charles
11Shackleford westmiddle/nightAdvancedDave
12Shackleford eastClassicDave
19CrabtreeClassicOpenIan & Paul
1SchenckRadio-OOpenJoseph & Charles
2Umstead NorthClassicOpenMihai
15Thornburg FarmClassicAdvancedVladimir & Tatyana
30Bond ParkClassic or sprintOpenPaul & Ian
7CrabtreeSprintAdvancedMihai & Imre
14Carolina NorthClassicOpenWill & Matt & Adalia
21Eno River SPRadio-O 80m Classicopen Radio-OPatrick & Kelly
4Sugg FarmSprintOpenVladimir & Tatyana
17Umstead, LapahioRadio Fox-O / Sprint / ScoreOpenCarl/Dave/Will/Charles
25Schenck or DixSprintAdvancedTBD
9DixSprintOpenGheorghe (To be confirmed)
16Raven RockRadio-OOpenCharles
6Umstead, NorthRadio-OOpenCharles
13Eno RiverClassicOpenTBD
10Carolina NorthFox ChaseAdvancedDave
16White PinesNight-OAdvancedDave
24Umstead SouthClassicOpenMatt & Adalia
7Umstead WestRadio-O ClassBeginnerNadia
8Umstead WestClassicExpertLina
15Umstead WestRadio-O ClassBeginnerNadia
21Gray OwlClassic / Radio-OOpenJoseph, Ruth & Charles
22Gray OwlClassic / Radio-OOpenJoseph, Ruth & Charles
28Siler CityCorn maze / night?AdvancedDave
5Umstead NorthClassicOpenVladimir & Tatyana
12Umstead WestRadio-OOpenJoseph & Charles
19Horton GroveClassicAdvancedPaul & Ian
3Eno RiverScore-OAdvancedDave
10To be decidedClassicOpenVladimir & Tatyana

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