North Carolina International Training and ARDF Radio Orienteering Events in Asheboro, NC

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North Carolina International Training and ARDF  Radio Orienteering Events in Asheboro, NC
July 24 – 28, 2017

UPDATE 7/14/17:

Monday’s training event will focus on:

  • taking accurate bearings and drawing them on the map
  • detailed map reading
  • length ~2.5 km
  • Participants will need to have a compass, marking pencils in two colors, and a map board.
  • The exercise will include FoxOring and classic 80m and 2m skills.


  • FoxOring 80m, 10 controls, 4km



  • Loop “A”, 80m 5 controls, 2km
  • At the spectator control change receiver type
  • Loop “B”, 2m 5 controls 2km

2m classic

  • designed and set by Guangdong ARDF Radiosports Club

80m classic

  • designed and set by Guangdong ARDF Radiosports Club

Everyone who is interested in Radio Orienteering is welcome to these low key events in Asheboro, NC.

We will keep the distances relatively short because of the heat and the need to be prepared for the US Champs in Ohio.

The event center will be at 1725 Gray Owl Road, in Asheboro NC.  The first day will be a training event focused on map reading and taking bearings.  The next four days will be: FoxOring, Sprint, 2 m and 80 m competitions.

Our Sister Club, the Guangdong ARDF Radiosports Club in Guangdong, China are our welcome guests and we are looking forward to this friendly international competition.

Participation costs are estimated at $10 per person per day There is no predetermined fee. Costs for the event will be shared by the participants.  All travel, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the participants and are not included in the participation cost.  Hotels and restaurants are available in Asheboro, 15 minutes from Gray Owl.

Registration Form:

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Joseph Huberman
President, Backwoods Orienteering Klub
Ruth Bromer
Event Directors, North Carolina ARDF Championship

Don’t miss the US ARDF Champs in Ohio the following week in Harrison, Ohio.

Event dates are 31 July to 2 Aug 2017, for the training events, and 3-6 Aug being the championship events.

Event Website:


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