2013 Annual Meeting

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Google Calendar was updated with our calendar. Dates must be confirmed with the various parks. We still need event directors for

  • Dec 15, 2013 Advanced
  • June 1, 2014 Regular
  • September 28, 2014 Regular

If you would like to volunteer but don’t feel confident, let any event director know and you can start out helping. Setting courses is one of the best ways to improve your skills.


Mihai and Joseph’s terms expired and they were unanimously re-elected.
The current board and expiration years:

  • Vladimir 2014
  • Ian 2015
  • Ken. 2015
  • Joseph 2016
  • Mihai 2016


  • We are thinking Oct or Nov 2015.
  • Umstead is a much more convenient venue.  The down side is that the embargo rules require 4 months for a regular “A” Meet and 1 year for a Championship Event.
  • Joseph will approach the Park Rangers to check for dates (Oct 24 or Nov 7).

ARDF Events

  • We decided to use the destruct-O format. Each person sets one control and when everyone returns we go out and find them.
  • The club has two 80m receivers that were given to BOK by Anna’s Coach in China.
  • We scheduled 4 ARDF events before next years US Championship in Boston in June.
  • Here is a description of ARDF and links to more resources.

New Areas to be Mapped / Refreshed

  • Refresh Falls Lake
  • Refresh Umstead South – The area north of the parking lot and Loblolly Trail area south of Reedy Creek Lake.
  • Map Eno River
  • Get Permissions and if successful map Carolina North Forest
  • Dave Waller will try to get LIDAR data and possibly pictometry data as well.
  • Artem will send Dave outlines of the existing maps.

Group Pre-registration

  • Develop a procedure for group pre-registration on our website to speed up the line at events and simplify results posting.
  • Joseph will design the group pre-registration and online waiver.

Web Site Evaluation

  • Mihai and Ian will try to rebase the web site to a newer theme for WordPress to make it better for mobile devices.

Equipment Evaluation

  • We decided to buy a new printer so we would have one for backup.
  • Finger stick inventory
    • 6 unconfigured in stock
    • 5 configured and waiting to picked up
    • 12 sticks ordered and not picked up, older than 2 years
    • We expect to purchase another dozen sticks in 2014
  • Ipad Mini
    • Charles presented his software and explained how it assisted in course setting in the field.
    • The club decided to purchase a GPS ready I-pad mini to use for field checking and setting controls with Charles’ software. 
  • Klub Technical Shirts
    • We still want Klub Technical Shirts (carried over from last year) The company we planned to use at $25 per shirt appears to be unreliable. We have to find a better company which unfortunately will be more expensive. Ruth will continue to investigate.

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