2013-10-27 Line-O at Lake Crabtree County Park

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The next event is going to be Advanced Line-O at  Lake Crabtree County Park. Start at 12pm from the boathouse. Please, carpool if possible to save the parking space.

Pre-registration is required  for this event.  Anyone who completed Orange course or harder is welcome. Line-O is different from our regular courses: the map does not have controlsand in our version of this event, not even the course. You follow marks on the ground to the control points and prick your map with a safety pin where you think the control point is. The penalty is 1 min for each 1 mm error outside the 6 mm diameter.   For example, if your location is off by 5 mm, you get 2 min penalty (5mm – 6mm / 2 = 2mm or 2 min). If you are off by 6mm in more than half controls, you are DNF.

I’ll see you at the start and it will be fun!


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