Regular Event at Schenck Forest

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We will have a REGULAR event at Schenck Forest on Sunday, April 10, 2011. Due to park requirements, DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED (EVEN ON A LEASH).

Everyone is welcome, and we will have a beginners class at 12:30.

If you come with a group, please follow the group pre-registration procedures.

The event starts at noon and everybody must finish by 3 PM.

We will have all regular courses from beginner to advanced, White through Red.

We will need help organizing the event, since we are short of people.We will need help with registration or control pickup.

One Response to “Regular Event at Schenck Forest”

  1. Hi Vladimir,
    First, I’d like to thank you and Mihai for organizing such a fun event on Sunday. This was only my third competition and even though I misunderstood the instructions, I had a wonderful time (and learned a lot)!!!
    I did the brown course this time, and I misinterpreted the instructions as having to do all controls from 1-17, then go straight to finish. Instead, I later discovered after I finished the course, that I was supposed to do controls 1-8, jump to 17 and then go straight to finish. Consequently, I did 8 extra controls I wasn’t supposed to, and I’ll admit to you that it about did me in!! I barely finished under the 3 hour limit! Wasn’t sure how the times would be reported… I guess this will disqualify me? Well, hopefully, I’ve learned an important lesson: I should ask questions next time something seems strange to me!!!
    On an aside, I keep studying the map trying to learn more about this sport and what I can’t figure out is how the brown course could be 4.6 km, just 1 km short of the green course, when it only has 9 controls and the green course has 20 controls (I measured the brown course using the map scale and come up with ~2.8 km not 4.6 km) Am I using the scale incorrectly or doing something wrong?
    Anyways, THANKS AGAIN! Hopefully, I’ll make it to your next event!
    Chapin, SC