Birkhead Event Rules

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Because it is an advanced event, we are going to have a little bit of challenge, and a little bit of fun.

We will have 3 types of courses. The easy one is a standard Score-O with the time limit of 1 hour. We will also call it “open”. There will be no surprises, except for runners should be careful with control numbers: read on to find out why.
The second and third  will have the same rules, the difference is only the time limit: 1 hour and 1.5 hour. The challenge is: there will be no control numbers, only descriptions. And yes, there will be “false” controls to fool you. The score will be counted in the following way:

  • if you punched the right control, your score will be increased,
  • if you punched the wrong control, your score will be decreased.

For example, you arrive at the check point and see 3 flags in the parallel features. Only one of the flags is in the right spot. Before you punch, you should look closer at the control description. For example, it calls for the northern reentrant, and placement is at the top. The score is 10. If you punched the correct control, you have +10 points. If you punched the wrong one, say, at the bottom of the reentrant or on the top of the southern one, you will get -10. If you punched the wrong one and the right one, you will get 0 (they will cancel out each other). To really screw up, you would have  to punch two wrong ones, which will yield -20.

The penalty for all courses: 1 point per min for the first 5 min, 5 points for min: 6…10,  10 points for min. 11 and up.

For the “open” course, I  will use a mixture of  “true” and “false” controls of the challenging courses, and I will not show the “easy” map to the “advanced” runners (what fun would that be?)

The first start is at 12 pm, please be back by 3pm.

See you at the meet!

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