2008 Annual Meeting

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Minutes of Backwoods Orienteering Klub 2008 Annual Meeting

October 1, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Joseph Huberman at his house, 904 Dorothea Dr., Raleigh, NC. Thirteen members were present. Andy Huber volunteered to record the minutes.

The meeting proceeded with the items on the previously announced agenda.

  1. Change articles of incorporation

It was moved, seconded, and unanimously voted to remove Article XII (a) section and replace it with section (b), making the new Article XII:

Article XII
Upon the dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities and obligations of the corporation, dispose of all of the assets of the corporation (if any) as follows: (a) All remaining assets shall be transferred or conveyed to the Unites States, a state, or such organization or organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an organization or organizations exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code, as the Board of Directors in its discretion determines, subject to the provisions of the Bylaws of the corporation and applicable law.

  1. Change date of annual meeting in bylaws

It was noted that this bylaw change was mostly cosmetic and for historical purposes, since the bylaws allow the annual meeting to be held at any time during the year. It was then moved, seconded, and unanimously voted to change the date of the BOK annual meeting in Article II section 2 of the BOK bylaws from “June” to “October”.

  1. Review membership fees

There was much discussion of current fees and how they are used & interpreted. It was noted there was no financial need to change membership or meet fees, as BOK has ample cash on hand and is not operating at a deficit. As a result, the consensus of the meeting was that fees remain unchanged. The consensus was to clarify and make consistent the application of fees to families and groups.

  • Families include 1 or 2 adults and any number of children, and a family membership allows any number of family members to participate at the member rate (currently $0). Previously some meet directors / interpretations restricted family memberships to two entries per meet.

  • Groups (organized groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, JROTC, etc.) are not eligible for family memberships. Individuals of such groups of course are eligible for family or individual memberships. Groups can buy finger sticks and allow any group member to use them at meets.

  • We will continue to recommend and urge that when any group of participants do a course together, that each such group be no more than 3 members, each member have their own map – especially if the group is all children or one adult and children, and that each member of the group have their own whistle. However, these are recommendations and we will not enforce them. Groups may consist of any number, they need not each have a map and whistle. NOTE: each group must have at least one individual with a whistle.

  1. Decide on hosting service for BackwoodsOK.org

By consensus it was agreed to use dreamhost.com, as this service is free and provides everything needed. The move to dreamhost.com is expected to occur once BOK’s 501(c)(3) approval is received.

  1. Elect board members

Two openings on the BOK board of directors needed to be filled to replace the expiring terms of Joseph Huberman and Gary Wiggins. Joseph Huberman and Mihai Ibenscu were nominated to fill the positions, and both were elected unanimously.

  1. Decide on paper/printer for Umstead Park Map

Samples of the map paper were examined and prices discussed. It was agreed by consensus that we would use TigerPress and have 2,000 maps made using the 4 color CYMK process, for a cost of $2,003.07, roughly $1.00 each. The intent is to sell the maps wholesale to REI, Outdoor Provision, Umstead Park etc. for $5 each, expecting maps to be sold for $10 retail. At $5 each, BOK recovers its costs with the sale of approximately 400 maps.

  1. Make 2009 O-meet schedule

A tentative 2009 event schedule was worked out, with regular meets Jan. – June and Sept. – Dec, and with usually at least one or both of a sprint event or advanced training event in every month.

It was agreed that the previous “Training” events would be called “Advanced” events to avoid confusion that they include classes or other beginning training. Advanced events will continue to be for members only. Sprint events will be open to non-members as well as members. Day of week (Sat./Sun.) and start times for sprint and advanced events are not standardized and will be left to the director’s convenience.

The tentative schedule is:

2009 Tentative Schedule

Regular events Start at Noon, everyone is welcome, we have a beginners class at 12:30.  (Groups over 5 must pre-register)
Advanced events Check the calendar for start times.  For expert level only.  Must be BOK member.  Must have your own Finger Stick. Must pre-register
Sprint events Check the calendar for start times.  Everyone ready to doOrange level is welcome.
Night events Check the calendar for start times.  Everyone is welcome. Must pre-register
When Type Where Who
Jan 4 Advanced Umstead S ? Mahi & Andy
Jan 25 Regular Tanya & Vladimir
Feb 22 Regular Umstead ? Ken. & Terez
Feb 28 Night Lake Johnson ? Mahi
March 15 Regular

Schenck  *No Dogs Allowed*
not even on a leash

March 29 Advanced   . Umstead Whispering Pines  ? Ken
April 5 Sprint Lake Crabtree Sandro
April 12 Advanced Birkhead Artem
April 25 JROTC Umstead Whispering Pines  ? Artem
April 26 Regular Umstead Whispering Pines  ? Artem
May 3 Advanced Tanya & Vladimir
May 17 Regular Umstead Charles
June 7 Regular Umstead Brian
June 28 Sprint Lake Johnson Joseph & Ruth
July 12 Sprint 9:00am Tanya & Vladimir
August 23 Sprint 9:00am Bond Park Pat Downey
Sept 20 Regular Tanya & Vladimir
Sept 27 Advanced Birkhead Brian
Oct 11 Sprint Sandro
Oct 18 Regular Umstead Joseph & Ruth
Nov Regular Raven Rock Al Geiger
Nov 15 Advanced Umstead Charles
Dec 6 Sprint Lake Crabtree Artem
Dec 13 Regular Umstead Artem & Holly
  1. The meeting was adjourned by standing vote at 9:32 PM.

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