Using SI Equipment & SIDResults

Note that we have switched to using SI-Droid for most events. See Using SI-Droid event equipment for more details.

This is just the outline… The actual instructions need to be filled in…

  • Understanding the components
    • Control Stations
    • Master Station
    • Printer Station
    • Controller cards
    • SI-Cards
    • Printer
  • Understanding the Software
  • Setting up new equipment
    • Using the Printer Station to control other stations
    • Setting control numbers in new stations
    • Synchronizing the time among the stations
    • Personalizing the SI-cards
  • Preparing for an event
    • Defining the courses
    • Configuring the Print Station
    • Setting up all the parts
  • During the event
    • Using the entry forms (manual check)
    • Finish, Downloading & Printing splits
  • The end of the event
    • Making sure everyone is back
    • Printing results (sort of)
  • After the event
    • Uploading the results into SIME
    • Checking & fixing the data
    • Printing Results & Splits



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