Birkhead Events August 1 & 2

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August 2, 2015 – Starts from 9am-noon – Birkhead, Gray Owl

This will be an Advanced event and Orange (if we have orange registrations by Thursday morning) open to BOK Members.  We will start from Joseph’s house at 1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro, NC.  You must pre-register for this event and indicate whether you are running Advanced or Orange.  (There will NOT be an event at Lake Johnson.)

P0t-luck Sunday after the event, at about 2pm.  We have a full kitchen so you can refrigerate or heat your dish as needed.

Possible Sprint Saturday evening, August 1st ???

If there is enough registrations by 7am Thursday July 30 I will set up a sprint for Saturday with starts from 5-6pm. The sprint difficulty will be Orange.  You must pre-register for this event separately from the advanced event by Thursday morning.

Sleep over at Gray Owl:

If you are doing the sprint and/or the advanced or orange events and want to spend Saturday night at Gray Owl we would be glad to have you.  There are three sleeping options:

  • Stay in the house on beds, couches or floor depending on how many are staying.
  • Camp in the woods.
  • Sleep in our railroad Caboose. (A real caboose on it’s own short track in the middle of the woods.)
Registrations for ORANGE and SPRINT must be done by 7am Thursday July 30, 2015  
Advanced registrations can be as late as Saturday Noon.
If there are changes to the plans I will email registered participants and update the website.  
Sprint 1.9k  15 controls
Orange 3.2k 8 controls
Brown 3.7k  10 controls 
Green 5.4k  13 controls
Red 6.4k 18 controls

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