Report from the 2015 Annual Meeting

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on November 9th, 2015

We had a productive Annual Meeting.

We scheduled 25 events for 2016, and they are on the calendar marked “Pending Approval”.  (If you weren’t at the meeting you should check to see if you are directing any events.)
We have some new maps in the works.  The Eno River map is made its preview  Nov 8, 2015  and the Carolina North map will debut in April 2016.
We changed the event type terminology to better reflect how it is being used.  You can see it on the 2016 event calendar.
  • Open” event replaces the title for “Regular” event and we will have a full set of courses and a beginners class as usual.
  • Member” event replaces the title for “Advanced” event, and will state the difficulty level.
  • Informal” is added as a new category, but it isn’t really and event.  These will just be times when everyone who wants to go for a run gets together to practice without actually setting up equipment and hosting an event.  It may take some time to update all the articles on our web site pages to reflect the new nomenclature, so let me know where you find a reference we may have missed, (but wait a couple of weeks).
A big thanks to the event directors for 2016:  Dave, Ian, Josef, Joseph & Ruth, Ken., Mihai, Patrick & Kelly, and Vladimir.  Please offer to help at the events.  We always need help at registration, finish, and picking up controls.  To volunteer for an event please leave a comment on our website and the event director will see it.
You can read the full minutes of the meeting if you like.
President, Backwoods Orienteering Klub

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