Purdue Orienteering Adventure Race Invitation

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The Purdue Outing Club (POC) would like to invite your organization, school, and friends to our annual 48hr Adventure Race taking place Jan. 16-18th (Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend!). This race is based solely on orienteering and typically takes the full 48 hours to finish. We are the largest university run orienteering race with 60+ teams.   We invite you to form teams and compete against the POC, professional racers, and even teams from as far as Russia! Overall it is a fairly cheap race with the Collegiate Division being $45 and the Open only $55 per racer. Teams need a minimum of 4 people to race and a maximum of 6!  You can find more information on our website. Questions? Comments? Race questions to the race coordinator:  Tyler Hall,  Registration Questions to: Nick Fico

Jonathan Stewart Purdue Outing Club

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  1. My friends and me participated in POCAR since it’s inception, and consistently finish with very good results. I personally recommend to try it at least once: it is grueling, stamina-testing, but very fun competition that will challenge you, your orienteering skills during sleep deprivation, and definitely let you tell “war” stories to your friends after finish.

    I hope to see BOK buddies there…