PopUp Radio-O Practice This Saturday 2/18/23

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FoxOring: The event was quite successful. Everyone got good practice on the FoxOring except all the transmitters were on the same frequency, whereas at the championship events there will be 3 frequencies that competitors will need to change during the competition.

Sprints: The sprints also went well. The lesson we learned was that the courses should be somewhat shorter and we only need to have one sprint. Two sprints were a bit too much for most, although some did better on the second sprint.

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When: This Saturday, Feb 18, 2023

10am – 2pm

Will need help with pickup

Where: Gray Owl – 1725 Gray Owl Road

What: FoxOring & Sprint

This is to get practice with these two different formats. The courses will be short so everyone can do one FoxOring and two Sprint courses.

The FoxOring course will be set in advance

The Sprint courses will be set with everyone’s help

We will time total time, but will not have si-boxes at the controls (remember this is a practice)

Start & Finish for FoxOring

Start, Spectator, and Finish for each of two sprints

All courses: Scale 1:10,000 Contour Interval 2.5m

Who: Anyone who has done Radio-O before


~10am – FoxOring 3.4 km 9 controls 2.3 km 6 controls

Start & Finish at the house

~11am we will pick up FoxOring controls

Controls will be small transmitters without poles or flags

Frequency 3.579

Some beep fast and some beep slow

The map will show which controls are Fast and Slow

Sprint set begins at ~11:15

Transmitters are mounted on bamboo poles

5 fast at 3.57

5 slow at 3.52

Spectator/Beacon 3.55

Sprint start ~11:45am – Each person will take a fast and slow bamboo pole transmitter and set them in an assigned region and return to the start/spectator/finish location.

Depending on where people set the transmitters sprint courses will be 1km – 1.6km

Setting the transmitters will be a similar length

Everyone will run the first sprint ~11:45 to ~12:45

Clear then Start

Run the Slow (regular speed) transmitters

Punch the spectator control

Run the Fast transmitters

Punch the Finish control


The download will be in the forest at the finish control

Then you will return to the poles you set and move them into your second assigned region and proceed to the second start/spectator/finish location.

We will run the second sprint starting ~1:30pm as above

~2:30pm We will pickup all the transmitters and return to the house.

The schedule is not firm, but we need to have everything picked up (hopefully) by ~3:30pm

Location & Directions: 1725 Gray Owl Road, Asheboro, NC. (35.634843, -79.881873) There is a control on our mailbox at the intersection of Hopewell Friends and Gray Owl Road. Drive 1/4 mile on Gray Owl and take the first left turn onto our driveway. Drive 1/4 mile to the turnaround, turn around and park only on the right side (east side) of the driveway as you are heading back out. Do not drive on the grass at all! Do not park in the turnaround!

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