Orienteering on the Coast — 01 Feb and 02 Feb

Filed under: Latest News by David Waller on January 8th, 2020

Registration for these events is now closed. Join us for a weekend of orienteering on the beautiful NC coast!

On Saturday, February 01 we will offer expert-level courses (brown, green, and red) at Cape Lookout National Seashore.   You must be an experienced orienteer to attend this event.  Make reservations ($17 per adult) for the 10:00 passenger ferry from Harker’s Island, and start your course any time between 10:30 and 12:30.  If you can’t get on the 10:00 ferry, you may be able to make it still on the noon ferry.  These two ferry runs are the only way to get to the event, so if they are cancelled, we will have to cancel this event.  The ferry cannot come into the dock at the Cape, so you will get your feet wet when you disembark.  Registration, start, and finish will be at the park shelter, GPS location = 34.623935, -76.523464.  You must be off your course by 2:00 so that we can pick up controls and be ready to leave on the last ferry back at 3:45.  Other ferry return times are approximately 12:30 and 2:30.  Help with control pickup will be appreciated.  Preliminary course distances are brown = 3.6 km; green = 5.5 km; and red = 6.9 km.   Map scale is 1:10000, with a contour interval (probably) of 1.25 m.  Note that the map will not be thoroughly field-checked and will be based primarily on lidar and satellite data.  The event director will send an email to all registrants a few days before this event with any relevant updates.   You must preregister for this event here, and note that registration for the Sunday event at Ft. Macon (see below) is done separately.   Online registration will be disabled on the evening of Thursday, January 30.  If you have not registered by that time, do not plan on attending this event.  Send questions to the meet director (Dave) at dw.orienteer@gmail.com.

On Sunday morning, February 02, we will join West Carteret JROTC in hosting an orienteering event at Ft. Macon state park in Atlantic Beach.  This event will offer white and yellow courses for beginners, and a 90-minute score course for advanced and expert-level orienteers.  There will also be an introductory beginner class.  Starts can be accommodated between 10:00 and noon (not noon to 2:00 as our calendar previously said).  The beginner’s class will start at 10:30, and control pickup will start around 1:30.  If you want to attend the beginner’s class, please try to come by 10:00 so that you are registered in time for the class.  Registration, start, and finish will be at the gazebo, south of the visitor’s center (GPS coordinates = 34.697091, -76.678466).  Park in the main parking lot near the visitor’s center.  Register here for this event.

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