Open event, Lake Crabtree, 26 September

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Registration for this event is closed.

Everyone is welcome to Lake Crabtree park on Sunday, September 26 for our first open orienteering event of the season.  We will offer courses for all skill levels — from beginner (white) to expert (brown, green, red) — and they will be open between noon and 2:00 PM.  Registration and map pickup will be at the Beech shelter (GPS coordiates = 35.840440, -78.793463). Park in the second parking lot to your right after entering the park.  When you preregister online, you must sign up for a specific half-hour timeslot, during which you should arrive, pick up your map, and start your course. When 12 people have signed up for a particular slot, it will be closed and will not appear as an option when you register. Note also that there is one special early timeslot, reserved only for beginners.  You must register online before Friday (24 Sept) at 8:00 PM. Please note also that annual passes for 2020 expired at the end of August.  In order to claim the annual pass discount when you register, you must have purchased a 2021 pass recently.  Annual passes for 2021 are available at our online store, and registration for the Lake Crabtree event is here.

Covid safety.  Participants will be expected to wear a mask when interacting with people at the registration shelter. Having your nose sticking out of your mask will mark you as a loser, and you may expect less friendly interactions from event staff. The start and finish for all courses will be away from the registration shelter.  Please do not crowd the start area 

Beginner’s class We will also provide an in-person beginner’s class at noon for the first twelve people to register for it.  If you have never orienteered before, and would like to take this class, you should sign up for the 11:30 timeslot when you register.  Plan on arriving to the park with enough time to get your map(s) and any rental equipment before attending the class at noon. The beginner’s class has been fully booked. If you are a beginner to orienteering, you may still register for the event, but unfortunately there will not be room to accommodate you in the class. Individual meet staff will be available, though, and can still provide informal instruction as needed.

Tentative course information.

Beginner (White):  1.7 km; 18 controls.  One leg of the white course will require following streamers through the woods.

Intermediate (Yellow):  2.7 km ; 15 controls.

Advanced (Orange): 3.6 km; 11 controls.

Expert short (Brown): 4.1 km; 11 controls.

Expert medium (Green): 5.2 km, 12 controls.

Expert long (Red): 6.2 km, 15 controls.

Control pickup will begin at 3:00, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

3 Responses to “Open event, Lake Crabtree, 26 September”

  1. What does the time slot reference? The time you can pick up your map etc. or the time you have to run the course?

  2. The time you arrive, pick up your map and start running. You have until the course closes to finish. This is to avoid large crowds gathering at the registration table.

  3. Thanks for finding a safe way to open events to beginners again! My boyfriend and I did our first yellow course and had a great time. Thank you to everyone who helped us out!