New Years Day Relay to be Rescheduled when warmer

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on January 5th, 2017

1/5/17 Update: The meet for this Sunday, 1/8/17 has been canceled.  Josef has asked to reschedule the event later in the season when it is warmer.  

1/4/17 Update:  We got approval from the park, but a snow storm is coming (or not).  We will (maybe) start at 12:30 on Sunday, but only if the drive from Greensboro Sunday morning is safe.  We will make a final call Saturday by 6pm.

Registration is now open for this event.  You must register again even if you previously registered. If you register you will receive an email Saturday evening with the status of the event and the website will be updated.  It is always wise to check the website the morning of the event.

 It is always wise to check the website the morning of the event in any case.  (If the storm is so bad I can’t reach the internet you are safe to consider the event canceled.)


Josef is ill and won’t be able to hold the event on New Years Day.  We are tentatively scheduling it for January 8, 2017, but we will need both Park approval and Josef to feel better.  Stay tuned for an update.

Here is how it works:  Each relay team is composed of two people. There are 6 loops, 3 long and 3 short.  One person takes the short loops, and the other the long loops.  The first person runs their loop and when returning the other person runs and so on, until everyone has run their three loops.  The controls are all confined to a relatively small area, so there are lots of controls that you will see. You need to be careful to punch the correct control.  If you arrive at an incorrect control, remember where it is, because you will probably get it on another loop.  It’s lots of fun especially because we are socializing while waiting for our partner to return.
Registration is required: Register on the BOK Registration Page.

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