New Controls are Here

Filed under: Latest News by Joseph on June 13th, 2015

At our last meeting we decided to replace our controls.  Unfortunately the ones we wanted weren’t available at that time, but now we have them.  The quality seems to be better than the previous ones.  The seams containing the wires don’t have openings, and the wires have a long overlap.  These should last about 10 years and stay looking good.  I have devised a better way to attach the SI-boxes using wire and crimp connectors instead of string.  This stabilizes the controls, the boxes don’t flop around and come untied, and as a bonus they will hang level.








The next step will be to take the old controls apart and assemble the new ones.  We can plan an “Assembly Party”, order some pizza and build the new controls.  This would also be a good time to replace any batteries that need replacing.

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