Members event: Eno River State Park, 29&30 Oct

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Update (Wed, Oct 26):  We are currently very close to the park’s limit on the number of people allowed to camp at the group campsite.  If you are registering later than Wednesday at noon, please plan on driving home after the night-O.  If you need to camp, please contact the event director at

Update (Wed, Oct 19):  Eno River State Park will allow us to open their gate on Saturday night to let out people who cannot camp.  Thus, you may now register for the night event without planning on camping.  The only caveat is that we are only allowed to open the gate once, so all people who wish to leave must leave en masse.  Gate opening time is currently scheduled at 10:30 PM.

On Saturday and Sunday October 29 & 30, BOK will hold three Member events at Eno River State Park: a Saturday afternoon forest sprint; a Saturday night-O; and a Sunday morning classic event.  Attend one, two, or all three.  Find out all of the details about this orienteering weekend from this .pdf file.

These events are open to advanced orienteers and BOK members who have completed an orange (or more advanced) course.  You must pre-register for this event (see below), preferably before 5:00 PM on Wednesday, October 26th, so that we know how many maps to print.  Parking for the sprint and classic event will be at the Fews Ford area of the park, at the looping parking lot at the end of the park road (GPS coordinates:  36.073867, -79.006216; Map here).  Starts for the Saturday sprint will be between 3:00 and 4:00, with control pickup beginning around 4:30.  Starts for the night event will be between 8:00 and 9:00 PM.  Starts for the Sunday event will be between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Read more details about this event here.

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