Lake Johnson Sprint – Jan. 10

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Pre-register for this Event

Everyone is welcome at the Lake Johnson Sprint Open event.  We will have the usual beginners class at 12:30.  We will be using the Southwest quadrant of the park.  The parking and access to the start is from the Athens Drive School Stadium Parking, and then a 1.25K walk over the headwaters boardwalk and past the E end of the lake to the start.

We have 4 courses about 2K each.  Two courses are Sprint style, that is short legs with lots of direction changes, and one course is Classic style with long legs and more complex route choice.  These are Advanced (Orange) level courses.  There is also a Beginner/Intermediate (White/Yellow) level course. Most of this course is Beginner level with short legs that follow trails and other linear features.  One leg is Intermediate where you will need to use your compass to pass through some complex terrain for 86m to find the next trail.

Since we have so many courses, and you may want to take more than one, please pre-register for the event and indicate which courses you would like to take.  If we have a large turnout we may need to recycle the maps when you finish your course.  If you pre-register then you can take as many of the courses as you have time for without an additional map fee.

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