Lake Crabtree Advanced Event (30 August)

Filed under: Latest News by David Waller on August 19th, 2015

The advanced meet scheduled for 30 August at Lake Crabtree has been approved by park management.  This will be an advanced event, open to any BOK club members who have successfully completed an orange (or more advanced) course.  Note that if there are heavy rains before the event, the park will close the trails and we will not be allowed to hold this meet.  Check this website shortly before the event to confirm whether it is happening.


This meet will have brown, green, and red courses designed by David Waller and set by Josef Trzicky.  Ken. Hanson will handle registration.  You must pre-register by noon of August 28 (Friday) to ensure that we print a map for you.


Unlike previous summer events at Lake Crabree, the courses for this event are not sprints, but are much more like classic or middle-distance courses.  Preliminary course lengths are as follows:  brown: 3.6km (9 controls);  green: 5.5km (14 controls);  red: 6.7km (18 controls).

(Addendum:   We should be ready for first starts by around 10:00am.   Ken.)

2 Responses to “Lake Crabtree Advanced Event (30 August)”

  1. What time is the event starting? 10am or noon?

  2. We should have controls out and be ready for first starts by 10:00am.