Details for Umstead South event (13 January)

Filed under: Uncategorized by David Waller on January 4th, 2013

Join us for a full range of courses on Sunday, January 13. Register and start between noon and 2:00 at the large shelter at the Reedy Creek section of Umstead Park.  Take exit 287 from I-40 and head North to enter the park.  The shelter is on the trail from the NW corner of the parking area.  You can follow our red and white signs.  Control pickup starts at 3:00. Early starts possible for brown, green, red and blue courses; contact the event director ( if you want an early start. Groups of 5 or more welcome, but please notify the event director ( before Thursday the 10th if you’re coming with a large group. Fees: Free for BOK Members, $5 for each entry (people going out together as a group can register as one entry) , $2 for each additional map, $5 for rental of “finger stick” (Each entry must have a “finger stick” which is used to “punch in” at each control and time your event.)

Preliminary course lengths and information (pending park approval): White/Beginner, 1.7k (10 controls); Yellow/Intermediate, 3.2k (12 controls); Orange/Advanced, 3.6k (11 controls); Brown/Expert, 3.9k (11 controls); Green/Expert, 5.5k (15 controls); Red/Expert, 6.4k (16 controls); Blue/Expert, 9.0k (15 controls). There will be one water control on green, red, and blue courses. Wet foot crossings are possible on advanced courses; but they are also probably avoidable based on route choice.  White and yellow maps will be printed at a scale of 1:5000; orange, brown, green, and red at 1:10000; and blue at 1:15000.

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