Destruct “O” January 8, 2012

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Destruct “O” is an event without a director or course setter.

We all meet and you are assigned a region where you hang a few controls in the region you were assigned.  You return and mark the controls you hung on the master map.  Then we all mark our maps with all the controls and have a score meet with a mass start.

In the last 15 minutes you pick up as many controls as you can while you come in.  You get score for all the controls you punch during the first part of the event and then you get additional score for the controls you bring in even if you punched them during the first part.

The plan is to meet at the Schenck Forest shelter at noon.  This event is open to all BOK members at the Orange level and above.

Please, pre-register before the end of day Thursday.

Note: dogs are not allowed at Schenck Forest (even on a leash).

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