BOK Annual Meeting on October 17, 2012

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All of the board members’ terms have expired.
Unanimously elected are: Joseph, Ken., Mihai, Ian, Vladimir (expiration term: 2014)
Ruth: treasurer


Google Calendar was updated with our calendar.  Dates must be confirmed with the various parks.  We still need event directors for  Regular events on: Feb 10, March 24, June 2, September 15, October 20, December 8, and an Advanced event on December 15.  We need people to volunteer to set these events.  If you would like to volunteer but don’t feel confident, let any event director know and you can start out helping.  Setting courses is one of the best ways to improve your skills.

ARDF Championships

Amature Radio Direction Finding – Radio “O”

Discussion about locations. Both Umstead and Birkhead were proposed for the training and final events.  There will be two classic training events, two classic final events and a “foxO” and sprint.

We also discussed adding “FoxOring” to some of our events so our club members can try Radio “O”.  Joseph has transmitters and Joseph, Ruth, Charles and Nadia have receivers that club members can borrow.  If it becomes popular then BOK may consider purchasing some receivers.

Purchase more equipment

  • SI Equipment: Mihai will place the order
    • 25 more sticks.
    • 20 flags
    • 5 stations
  • Map bags (for 8.5×11”) if more are needed. Joseph will check and order more bags if necessary
  • I-pad mini to use for field checking and setting controls with Charles’ software. Tabled until the software is complete and tested.
  • A Results Printer for use at “A” meets, a reusable paper carrier, and adhesive paper.  Mihai and Ian will handle this.
  • Awards for A-meets: we almost ran out of medals. We need to order more.  We decided to use the same design.  Joseph will place the order.

Club shirts

Technical shirts are proposed at about $25 for a custom BOK design. Ruth will investigate further and develop a design to present to the club.


Updates 2013:

  • Falls Lake – professional update (base map seems ok; trails and vegetation are the worst).
  • Schenck – volunteer update (vegetation is always changing).

New Maps 2013:

We have already investigated the terrain, but we need to get permissions and a memorandum of agreement from the land owners.  We want to get LIDAR base maps and professional field checking. Artem will try to get permission and a memorandum of agreement.

  • Eno River – NC State Park
  • Carolina North Forest – University of North Carolina

New maps tabled for future consideration:

  • Raven Rock North? No parking at all; advanced may be ok, regular is out of the question.
  • More Birkhead property.

Review Klub Policies

  • OUSA Reporting Policy.  We currently have to tell them how many “starts” we have had at our local events. (update 10/22: the OUSA BOD is requesting we break down that number into the type of orienteering i.e. foot, bike, ski.)
  • We discussed making exceptions for attendance by soldiers, who haven’t been to one of our events and aren’t members, who want to attend our advanced events: We adopted the policy that it’s OK at the discretion of the event director.  We won’t publicize this policy on our website, however event directors will be notified of a soldier request so they can approve it if they think it is OK.  Soldiers will be required to carry a cell phone so they can be contacted if they are overtime.
  • Membership fees to increase:  OUSA has raised their fee for each local start from 50 cents to a dollar.  We decided that the non-member fee was still OK, but we need to raise member fees because we have nearly twice the number of events that we had when the member fees were set.  So we adopted $30 for an individual and $45 for family.

The 2012 Golden Troll Award to Mihai

Mihai Ibanescu was chosen by OUSA to receive the Golden Troll Award. The purpose of the Orienteering USA Golden Troll Award is to recognize those individuals who have provided exceptional service to the sport of orienteering that extends beyond the local club level.  Only five people received this award in 2012 for the whole country.  Other BOK members who have received this award are Joseph and Ruth.

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